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The Victors have produced six volumes of cassettes and two ACDs, namely NEER MATHRAM Vol. 1 and NEER MATHRAM Vol 2, one MP3 namely NEER MATHRAM MP3 with the whole collection of the Victors with 75 songs and one VCD named "UMMAI ALLAMMAL". Another DVD Vol. 2 is about to be released. Victor and Kiruba are worship leaders and they lead the worship sessions in crusades. Victor is a very good guitarist and singer, who leads the medical college choir and Victor and Kiruba sing in the prestigious Palayamkottai Musical Association.


They were invited to lead the worship not only in  India but also in foreign countries. They bring down God's awesome presence as they sing and worship the Living Saviour.


Click below for sample Video / Audio Songs


Video Song (VCD/DVD) - Neer Mathram Pothum / I once was lost


Audio Song (Audio CD) - Neer Mathram Pothum / I once was lost




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